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What is Organic Incentive?
Organic Incentive is the Clearspring killer. We provide tools so users with absolutely no programming experience can create viral widgets. All you do is...
What's up with the Name?
Organic: like organic search marketing (SEO), Incentive: the natural incentive visitors have to share your widget because of its compelling content. We...
Clearspring Killer huh!?
So people have been asking me: "What else do we do that Clearspring does besides make the process of creating a widget way easier?"
General Questions
Clearspring Killer? Share button? huh?
1. What is Organic Incentive?
Organic Incentive is an Adobe Flex tool that provides an extremely intuitive interface for users to drag-n-drop customize and brand flash widgets.
2. What features will you be first offering?
First we will be offering just the ability to place and completely customize a share button on your flash widgets. You can also customize the popup area that appears when your users click this button.
3. How many sites will the share button allow auto-embeds for?
We will allow for the most auto-embeds compared to any of our competitors. The answer is 30.
Key Details
Ok, So how much, and when?
1. When will you launch?
January 1st 2008.
2. When will I be billed?
You will be notified on Tuesday of the amount of your bill, and billed on Friday.
3. How many widgets can I add share buttons to?
As many as you want.
4. What about analytics?
You will be able to track the viral growth of each of your widgets, and of all your widgets collectively. You will be able to track viral hubs, i.e. which sites the widgets are embedded on the most, usage, geographical analytics, and more.
So What's in the Future for OI?
Believe us. We have big plans! Ad-systems, desktop widgets, communication portals, white-label social network integration, and more.
1. Doesn't Clearspring already have an ad-system?
Well, yes, but there's only lets the widget be an ad. Ours lets you create free widgets, but putting ads in the widgets...and get paid too.
2. How do you plan to offer desktop widgets
Adobe AIR Baby! There are many desktop widget platforms, from yahoo, microsoft, google and app--all the big players, but only AIR is 100% compatible with the sort of widgets that can also be on your Myspace page, blog or website. We're betting on Adobe AIR and sticking to it!
3. So what's this about a White-Label Solution?
We are building a drag-n-drop social network builder tool. I.e. a backend tool like Organic Incentive to build your own Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube. While there are many competitors in this space, there is only one competitor that offers that in conjunction with widgets: Our software, will facilitate several times the level of customization for both the widget and the social network, and the connection between the two. Expect to us taking over this space in February with the many clients we are preparing this for.

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