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Organic Incentive is leading viral widget creation company. We offer tools to instantly brand, customize and generate flash widgets without spending the thousands necessary to pay flash programmers. Built with a completely intuitve flex interface, users can drag-n-drop components to create widgets, as well as modify their settings to achieve complete branding for their flash widgfets.

We are currently in private beta, but you can check out a demo of our beautiful drag-n-drop interface under the "Trial" tab in the upper right. On January 1st we will be launching the first phase of our comprehensive widget generation product. This is the placement and customization of a viral share button on any flash widget you import.

In our system, you can customize the button completely, place it wherever you want, customize animations, and customize the controls that the end-user uses completely as well. The popup has auto-embed features for 20 sites, the ability to copy and paste the embed code for the widget, and the ability to email it to a friend.

...Oh, and what does Organic Incentive mean? It stems from organic search marketing and the natural (organic) incentive that users have to market your content with widgets. The goal is for clients of Organic Incentive is to provide enticing content for end-users in the form of widgets, and for end-users to become mini-marketers, sharing it with the viral share tools provided by Organic Incentive. This is what we call USER GENERATED MARKETING! Organic Incentive is all about making the users do the work for you. The result is viral exponential growth at minimal cost. All you need to do is put the viral share button on your flash widgets and content, and users will generate your marketing for you!

Go to the Trial tab and see for yourself.


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